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Male friends, please note that these 4 causes can lead to testicular pain, can avoid to avoid

Male friends, please note that these 4 causes can lead to testicular pain, can avoid to avoid

What kind of feeling is “egg pain”? For this problem, Wu Yu has a very right to speak.

At the beginning of this month, Wu Yu appeared the symptoms of pain in the private parts, the pain was not particularly strong at the beginning and did not bother. After two days, the pain became severe and was accompanied by high fever and chills.

Wu Yu recalled the symptoms at the time or cold sweat, pain to what condition? He wanted to hit his lower body with a heavy object to “fight violence with violence”. The pain was unbearable and Wu Yu went to the doctor for examination, and the doctor initially judged that Wu Yu was suffering from pain caused by orchitis.

In clinical terms, there are several levels of “egg pain”, and the level of pain can vary for each person.

How painful is “egg pain”?

Male egg pain can be divided into three levels.

Grade 1 pain: generally refers to men who have suffered trauma to their testicles, and the severity of the pain varies depending on the degree of trauma. Severe pain can cause men to experience nausea and vomiting, and some severe cases can even “die of pain.

The Journal of Forensic Medicine has published a case of “death by egg pain”, a 16-year-old man was kicked in the private parts after a fight, the man immediately fell to the ground and did not save, and then sent to the hospital to rescue and die, the hospital identified as “sudden death from neurogenic shock,” to put it bluntly is the death of pain.

Secondary pain: male testicular secondary pain is generally caused by scrotal infection, scrotal infection will lead to male testicular swelling and pain, some patients in the acute stage will also be accompanied by fever, weakness symptoms.

In clinical terms, scrotal infection can be divided into epididymitis and orchitis, which will turn into chronic inflammation if not treated in time, and the difficulty of treating chronic inflammation will be greatly increased.

Tertiary pain: Most of the tertiary pain is caused by varicocele, which is specifically manifested as testicular swelling and hidden pain, and generally this type of pain appears intermittently. And the pain is not very strong, and the symptoms will be reduced or disappear when lying down.

The reason why the above Wu Yu has severe pain is due to suffering from orchitis, which is also very common in clinical practice.

The biggest “culprit” for testicular pain is testicular inflammation

The actual fact is that there are three types of testicular infection: acute non-specific testicular infection, acute mumps testicular infection, and chronic testicular infection.

Acute non-specific orchitis is usually acute and occurs unilaterally, with sudden enlargement and hardening of one testicle and intense pain that radiates to the lower body and abdomen.

Acute mumps orchitis is a combination of mumps and orchitis, which can occur together. The severity of pain varies widely among individuals and it is not possible to determine the extent of testicular damage based on the pain felt.

In general, patients with acute mumps orchitis will exhibit swollen and painful testicles and erythema and edema of the scrotum. Chronic orchitis, on the other hand, starts more slowly and mostly evolves from the acute phase of orchitis.

Chronic orchitis is characterized by difficulty in healing and recurrence, usually with diffuse enlargement of the testicles, hard texture, painful to touch, and testicular atrophy in some patients.

There is a relationship between the occurrence of orchitis and many factors, such as: unclean sex, lack of attention to personal hygiene, frequent wearing of tight pants, lack of attention to private lesions and premature sexual life may induce orchitis.

In addition to orchitis, what other causes can cause testicular pain?

  1. Prostatitis

The actual pain of the testicles can also be caused by prostatitis. In addition to testicular pain, these patients will also have abnormal symptoms of urinary frequency, urinary urgency and painful urination.


The pain caused by spermatorrhea is usually accompanied by a feeling of swelling, and the pain is very intense. Patients mostly have a history of surgical trauma and have obvious symptoms of swelling of the spermatic cord.

3、Tumor of testis and epididymis

Patients will have swollen testicles, hard texture and unequal surface. Testicular tumors usually occur in the tail of epididymis. Benign tumors have smooth surface and clear boundary; malignant tumors have unsmooth surface and nodular shape, and the mass is difficult to move.

To avoid testicular pain, 3 maintenance tricks should be mastered

First of all, we should pay attention to our daily diet and consume more fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamin C and can effectively improve the body’s anti-inflammatory ability and prevent inflammation.

Second, daily intercourse should pay attention to hygiene, do not have more than one sexual partner, unclean sexual life. Before and after the sexual intercourse should pay attention to clean, to avoid some bacteria in the process of sexual intercourse into the body, the health of some adverse effects.

Finally, it is recommended that men maintain a regular routine and regular exercise, which can help men to strengthen the body’s resistance and can effectively prevent a variety of diseases from occurring.

For men, “egg pain” is not a wonderful experience, once experienced will make people unforgettable. So it’s better to avoid “egg pain” as much as possible, and to do these things in life!

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