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kissing once to exchange 80 million bacteria! These 5 diseases are kissed out, but you do not know foolishly

Kissing once to exchange 80 million bacteria! These 5 diseases are kissed out, but you do not know foolishly

Some time ago, friends in the group shared a very “bloody” story: the couple is in love Xiao Chen and Li Yu, in a friend party drunk, girlfriend Li Yu.

The couple is in love with Xiao Chen and Li Yu, in a friend’s party drunk, girlfriend Li Yu after drinking wine performance is very hyper, and even shouting everywhere, very emotional.

The boyfriend tried a lot of ways to calm his girlfriend down, in order to calm her, the boyfriend kissed Xiao Li. But what I didn’t expect was that as Li Yu was in a stage of blurred consciousness under the effect of alcohol, she bit her boyfriend’s tongue off, directly causing him an eighth degree disability.

Na sister read this story, said afraid to kiss, the heart have a shadow! This case seems a bit extreme, but in real life, many diseases is indeed “kiss” out.

A, although the benefits of kissing, but also may bring 5 kinds of disease

Kissing is a romantic thing, but it can also increase the feelings between couples, but, in addition to romance, kissing has many benefits.

First of all, frequent kissing can make cardiovascular more stable, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, kissing can make the heart beat faster, stimulate the heart rate, blood flow can improve the body’s oxygen supply level.

Kissing can also stop the formation of adrenocorticotropic hormones, which can help people relieve tension and be in a pleasant atmosphere, which is conducive to the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Second, regular kissing helps beauty and weight loss. Kissing can make more than 30 muscles of the face in a state of tension, accelerate blood circulation, improve the muscle tissue of the face, and make the skin smooth.

In kissing can also be involved in the whole body of many muscles, which helps to consume calories, according to medical doctors, if kissing a thousand times a month, can lose 500 grams.

Finally, kissing helps prevent dental disease. People with healthy oral cavity kissing can stimulate the secretion of a large amount of saliva, human saliva contains phosphorus and calcium, and the pH of saliva is neutral, which helps to prevent dental caries, and people who kiss often are not prone to gingivitis.

Although kissing has many benefits, but if you are not careful, kissing can also cause disease. There is a common disease called “kissing disease”, also known as infectious mononucleosis, which is a contagious disease caused by EBV infection.

The main symptoms of the disease are similar to the flu, with fever, sore throat, loss of appetite, swollen lymph glands, fatigue and other symptoms, and are common in children and young adults.

It is called “kissing disease” because it is spread by saliva and droplets. When young people kiss, if the kissing is too intense, coupled with wounds in the mouth, one of the resistance is weak, it may lead to the occurrence of kissing disease.

So, besides kissing disease, what other diseases can be transmitted through kissing?

Stomach diseases

Helicobacter pylori is the causative agent of chronic active gastritis, which can be transmitted through saliva and is also the causative agent of peptic ulcers, with an infection rate of up to 50% in the population.

H. pylori is found in the saliva, tongue, oropharynx, and dental plaque of infected people and is easily infected by contact with the saliva of infected people. When people kiss deeply, H. pylori can be transmitted unimpeded, thus predisposing them to a variety of stomach diseases.


Hepatitis can be transmitted through blood, but certain conditions are needed. If a person with hepatitis B virus kisses another person during the period of illness and the other party happens to have a wound or ulcer in the mouth, or has insufficient antibodies in the body or has not been vaccinated against hepatitis B, he can easily be infected by kissing.

In addition, children have poor immunity and can easily contract hepatitis virus through kissing.

Respiratory tract infections

A new study published in the journal Microbiology found that within ten seconds of kissing, the kissing partners transfer about 80 million bacteria to each other’s mouths, making them susceptible to a variety of respiratory diseases, such as influenza and mumps.

Oral diseases

Kissing may also induce oral diseases such as gingivitis and dental caries. This is because Streptococcus pyogenes, which causes dental caries, can be transmitted through saliva.

When kissing, if the oral hygiene is poor or resistance is low, and the other party has oral disease, it is easy to infect germs through kissing, leading to a variety of oral diseases.

Second, these 3 parts, and then want to “kiss” also have to hold back!

There is a newlywed couple in Hunan, after a lively wedding, the groom could not wait to kiss the bride, and also kissed the bride’s neck.

Unexpectedly, at this very moment, the bride suddenly turned pale and fainted in the arms of the groom, her breathing and heartbeat stopped suddenly. Unfortunately, after resuscitation still could not save the bride’s life.

Many people feel no taboo when kissing, but because some parts of the body are more special, you should pay attention to avoid when kissing, otherwise it is harmful to the body.

The neck

The carotid sinus is located in the carotid triangle on the side of the neck. When kissing the neck, it is easy to squeeze the carotid sinus and cause carotid sinus syndrome, which can lead to loss of consciousness, fainting and convulsions. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid the neck when kissing to avoid accidents.


The ear is a relatively fragile organ in the human body, and it is a very important organ for the human body. When kissing the ear, if the action is too intense or excessive force, it can easily lead to perforation of the eardrum, which can seriously lead to temporary deafness or even permanent deafness. Therefore, it is important to avoid kissing your ears too hard when kissing.

Throat knot

The laryngeal node is an important physical feature for men, as it is sensitive and fragile, if kissing the laryngeal node will make men feel uncomfortable and have the feeling of being pinched in the throat, making it very uncomfortable.

When kissing in addition to avoid kissing these 3 parts, but also pay attention to oral hygiene, avoid excessive force in the kiss, so as not to cause discomfort.

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Men and women in love, most women are more reserved, if men do not find the most eager to be kissed by women’s parts, may let women down, you know which parts of the kiss is easier for women to get emotional?

Lips: According to the survey, most women like men to kiss their lips, which will make women feel intimate and enjoy, conducive to the warming of feelings.

Forehead: kissing the forehead is easy for women to feel safe and warm, kissing the forehead means that a man has no intention to care about women’s feelings, can bring women a warm feeling, but also more likely to be emotional.

Clavicle: The clavicle area has a dense distribution of nerves, kissing the clavicle area is easy to make women feel comfortable.

Although kissing has many benefits, there may be health risks, so pay attention to brushing your teeth and cleaning your mouth in general.

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