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“Condom” condom on the line? These 9 condom use mistakes, you may have never noticedondom” condom on the line? These 9 condom use mistakes, you may have never noticed

Condom” condom on the line? These 9 condom use mistakes, you may have never noticed

The two of them found a good job after graduation and thought that everything would be going in a good direction, but they didn’t expect a recent incident to make them both suffer.

The two of them had been thinking that everything was going to be fine, but they didn’t expect to have a recent incident that made them both suffer.

She suddenly panicked and immediately went to buy a pregnancy test and found out that she was really pregnant.

The two of them struggled for a long time, and Linlin didn’t want to have a baby right after graduation, so she chose to have an abortion. After this incident, the two people have a dilemma in their hearts, and every time they have sex they are afraid.

Since 2017, the number of abortions in China has increased year by year, and in 2019 alone the number of abortions in China was as high as 9,762,000, an increase of 22,000 over 2018.

Abortion can bring a lot of harm to women, and in many cases of abortion, there are many people who have unplanned pregnancies because they did not use condoms correctly, which shows that it is very important to learn to use condoms correctly.

Many men don’t want to admit that there are misconceptions about condom use

Many men feel that wearing a condom is a very simple thing, and think that even if you do not need to teach you can use the correct thing, but the following several condom use misconceptions do you really understand?

  1. not choose the right size model

Many people do not know that condoms also have a large, medium and small size, only choose the right size of condoms to ensure safety.

If the condom is too small, it will reduce the comfort of wearing it, and under severe friction, the condom is also more likely to break and lead to contraceptive failure, too large condoms and easy to fall off.

  1. Tear open the package with your teeth

Tear open the condom package with your teeth, I believe many men have done this thing. Perhaps some people think it’s cool to tear open the condom package with their teeth, or perhaps because they are too eager, but this practice is likely to tear the condom and gaps appear.

  1. unfold the condom in advance

Most people are ready to enter when the condom will be unfolded and put on, but there are a few people like to unfold the condom in advance and wait until the time to use it, and then put it on like clothes, which will make the condom a lot of wrinkles, not only difficult to wear, but also wear unstable, easy to slip off in the process of intercourse.

  1. wear too early or too late

Wear too early refers to the early condom put on, but after a long time to start the real “married life”, which will lead to the surface of the condom becomes dry and not easy to carry out the room, the experience will also be reduced.

Wear too late refers to the process of sexual life is not in the beginning of the entry to wear a good condom, or even wait until the end to wear, so there is no meaning, it is easy to lead to contraceptive failure.

  1. Not exhausting the air in the seminal vesicle

When you open the condom, there will be a convex sperm sac at the top of it, there will be residual air inside, if you do not empty it when you wear it, it will cause the space of the sperm sac is not enough, easy to burst open in the body because of excessive pressure, leading to contraceptive failure.

  1. not divided into positive and negative

Condoms also have positive and negative, if not identify the positive and negative side to wear, easy to wear uncomfortable, easy to slip off and other problems, so wear before carefully identify the positive and negative side.

  1. The pursuit of ultra-thin

The thickness of the condom has a variety of options, usually the thickness of 0.04 ~ 0.06mm for ordinary thickness, 0.03 ~ 0.04mm is thin, 0.03mm or less is ultra-thin. In order to pursue the feeling of “as if not wearing”, many people feel that the thinner the condom, the better.

In fact, the thinner the condom, the more sensitive the genitals are, which tends to reduce the length of sex, while thicker condoms can reduce sensitivity and help extend sex time.

  1. did not withdraw in time

Many people admit that after the coitus is late to withdraw, wait until the genitals are completely weak before withdrawing, so that the condom is easy to fall off in the female body, in order to safe contraception is best to withdraw in time.

  1. Do not pay attention to preservation

Condoms also need to pay attention to the preservation conditions and shelf life, if placed in an environment of high temperature will reduce its life, resulting in condom breakage and contraceptive failure.

What do virgins need to pay attention to when using condoms for the first time?

It is said that practice makes perfect, but for a virgin using condoms for the first time may be overwhelmed, so what are the issues to pay attention to when using condoms for the first time?

First of all, before using the condom, you should carefully observe the condom and check the shelf life of the condom, if the shelf life has passed, the success rate of contraception will be difficult to guarantee.

Before using the condom, also look carefully at the condom packaging to see if there is any damage, if there is damage is likely to lead to the growth of bacteria, but also easy to cause contraceptive failure.

Next, use your index finger and thumb to gently tear open the condom package, taking care not to damage the condom itself, not to fully expand the condom when wearing it, and to distinguish between the front and back of the condom.

You can blow lightly into the condom, if the condom is on the inner side of the rubber ring, then it is the front, but also to squeeze the air out of the sperm sac in front, and then wear it on the genitals, if the use of rupture on the way, we must immediately stop sex and take emergency contraceptive measures.

Finally, at the end of sex before the genitals are soft and shrunken, use your hand to press the mouth of the condom to withdraw in time, and then wrap the used condom to deal with, condoms are disposable supplies, can not be reused.

In addition, when buying condoms, we must pay attention to buy regular brands, do not buy products, choose the right size, thickness of condoms, and try to use less condoms containing a variety of flavors and colors.

A layer of “oil” on the condom, is it harmful to the couple’s body?

The condom will have a layer of “oil”, now the condom inside and outside will add a layer of “oil”, this layer of “oil” is mainly silicone-based lubricant, the main component is dimethylsilicone oil, can play the role of lubrication.

In addition, it can also reduce friction during sex and easy to wear, regular manufacturers of condoms, the use of edible grade lubricants, and no harm to the human body.

In short, to ensure physiological safety and health, not only to wear condoms in a timely manner, but also to wear and use correctly, so that the water can be fine.

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