Women look at the order of men, the first is actually it

I heard that women are the most attractive to men is the chest, where is the most attractive place for men to women? In this regard, I look at the order of women to sort of men, look at the next as a man, you can not catch her eye at a glance.

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  Women look at the order of men 1: height

  Women look at a man’s first and most intuitive is the height, even if it is to look at the back, a good height can also attract her. Because each woman’s heart has the most like the height range.

  Women look at the order of men 2: hair

  Most women still care whether the other party is clean and tidy, and these can be seen by the hair alone. So women care a lot about a man’s hair clean or not, whether neat.

Women look at the order of men 3: dress

  Women, of course, also pay attention to what men wear, to see what the boys wear reasonable and unreasonable, as long as it is not dirty, neat little generally no problem.

  Women look at the order of men 4: looks

  If the first three are in line with the situation, women will start to look at the man’s looks, but this is not very important, because just three points have been with the girls eighty percent of the judgment, as long as the appearance is not very strange, generally no problem, which is a lot of boys think they are very handsome, but the features are not how the reason.

  Women look at the order of men 5: details

  If the girl by the above 4 points of female interest in you, she will observe some very smile aspect, which is just like a man in love with a woman after you will even pay attention to her eyelashes, this time the girl will carefully taste your dress, look at the color of your clothing, with whether reasonable, will judge from the inside you are rich or no money, will pay attention to your pocket whether there is a cell phone and so on.

  Women look at the order of men 6: character

  The following have successfully attracted her attention, after the woman will find ways to inquire about the man’s personality hobbies, spare time activities, etc., as a way to deepen the understanding of the man.

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