Why do men always say “I’m busy”

“I’m busy” is the most common words men hang on the mouth, say this phrase and then bring a frown expression, making themselves like a “bogeyman” like, delayed his ambitious career. In fact, men always say “busy” is sometimes not really busy.

  Men say “I’m busy” five reasons

  1, in order to end the conversation

  Some love affairs with women willing to be on the phone or cell phone text messages, with “I’m busy” initiative to end the conversation, so that women, especially women who adore him to create the illusion of more dependence on him, the sense of expectation.

  2, to create a “potential share” look

  In the traditional concept, busy all day in the career of the man is a successful man, is a good man, so the man in love even if the career is mediocre, but also willing to use “I am very busy” to raise the value.

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  3, the desire to capture

  Some men with low self-esteem want to make women cherish him more, often “I’m busy” hanging around the mouth, so that women cherish every opportunity to meet him, to improve the dating “gold”.

  4, the excuse to interrupt the conversation

  Talent and connotation is not high men in the phone with women, often used to abruptly stop, because he does not want the other party to “break the casserole to the end”, “I’m busy” is his best excuse, after this sentence he can escape with dignity.

  5、Excuse words

  Some men due to a variety of reasons difficult to say, can not find the right reason or lack of courage to refuse women, with “I’m busy” vaguely put off each other.

  In fact, men say “I’m busy” sometimes not only to give women a feeling that they are working hard, but also to give themselves a way to encourage. But most of the time, I am very busy are pretext, women must distinguish between the true and false of these three words, do not be deceived, after all, often put the three words hanging mouth must not be loved by women.

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