Six traits reveal the secrets of men’s hearts

Since ancient times, men are “masculine” representative, they are busy working every day outside, some home to coax the wife, in fact, they are more tired than anyone, but they do not like to show it. As his most beloved you, to always understand the psychological needs of men, to seize the man’s “soft spot”, so that he can not leave you.


  Any man wants his wallet full, although the financial director is you, outside to show that he is the main force at home. Men go out wallet is a must, if there is no money in the wallet, the heart will be false when you go out. When you need to buy goods, you can do your best to put all the money on him, let him go to you to pay, which is also a way of showing face to men.


  Meet a man taller and more powerful than he is, he will naturally have fear in his heart, but in front of you, he is afraid to hold back, for example, they will roll up the sleeves of their clothes and tell you to stay away, which is to hide the inner weakness and anxiety.

  Stinky beauty

  Love of beauty is human nature, in all the people, women’s ornamental is very strong, they will also be dressed from time to time, the face beautifully dressed, I believe that most people’s eyes will think that women are more stinky compared to men.

  But this is not the case, according to the British “Daily Mail” reported that a new British research study shows that modern men are more concerned about their image than before, about 4 years of their lives to perfect their appearance, while women only 3 years. So, men are more beautiful than women, but they do not show it in front of outsiders, and will fight to death not to admit that they are beautiful.


  The childish man will give women happiness, but only for love, women want to live a lifetime of men have a stable and reliable, secure qualities. But we do not seem to know that every man will have childishness, they will behave in front of the people they like naughty, naive, will occasionally pampered, occasionally these do not mean that he is not mature enough, this is just a way to make you happy. But the kind of childishness that is immature performance.

  Dream of getting rich

  Men have a dream of getting rich, they dream of one day becoming as rich as the horse to go, can set up a company of their own, can have their own piece of heaven in a city, but these are dreams in the eyes of women. So their dream of getting rich, can only take the form of secrecy, and you do not have to poke him.

  Insufficient sexual ability

  Men’s bedside manner is their most concerned, he will often brag in front of their women how great they are, but they have a deep fear of their own sexuality, afraid that suddenly one day can not, by the beloved woman dislike, these scenarios are like a nightmare. So once a man has no interest in sex, do not provoke him with words, open up with him to find out the problem, let him know that you will not therefore dislike him.

  Men’s hearts we are imperceptible, proper understanding or can avoid many unnecessary conflicts. The above six secrets of men, do you understand?

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