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How long can a man last to be considered normal? This time makes people surprised

Core tips: men in the performance of sexual life directly affects the dignity of men, so in the end how long men can hold on to be considered normal.

In the minds of many men, x life persistence time represents their ability to represent their male dignity, if x life duration is too short is a very humiliating thing, then in the end how long can men hold on to be considered normal, and how to keep lasting it?

How long can a man hold out to be considered normal?

Healthy men’s x-life time generally lasts more than three minutes, a few will be less than this time, in the couple’s life if you can properly pause or delay S semen can achieve the effect of extending the time of married life, some even up to half an hour or more. In life, the most usual duration of men’s conjugal life is 5-10 minutes, in the process of men’s pelvic jerking time can be as high as one hundred times per minute.

The number of times a week a man x life has to do with many factors, so it is rare to judge a man’s ability through this aspect, generally not less than once a week belongs to the normal range.

A few ways to improve male combat power

One, proper exercise

The actual fact is that you can improve the physical quality of the man and naturally improve the ability of the man, and the morning exercise is a good way to improve the physical quality. In the morning after waking up, in the process of exercise can also be the body a night of metabolic products out of the body, adhere to a period of time will find that the body is getting better and better, natural X ability will be stronger and stronger.


Push-ups are a very popular form of exercise among men, can achieve the effect of exercise body muscles as well as strength, you know, x life is a very physically demanding activity, once the physical strength will also make x life time is greatly shortened, the best daily can spare twenty minutes as push-up time.


This exercise can achieve the effect of exercising the male disk, once the man disk is unstable will naturally affect the time of x life, so you can usually more horse stance can make the disk more stable, but also a very good way to exercise male waist strength.

Second, diet conditioning

The diet is a very common way to regulate male x capacity, in life there are many foods can achieve the effect of improving male ability, can make G pill enhance combat power, but also allow men to revive the masculine.

① loach

The mud fish is rich in protein, but also contains a variety of vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin B1, in addition to iron and calcium phosphorus, appropriate consumption can achieve the effect of nourishing the kidneys, and in the mud fish contains a special protein can promote sperm production, so men can use the mud fish to improve the ability.

Donkey meat

Donkey meat not only taste fiber, and is a high-protein, low-fat food, can achieve the effect of nourishing the blood and nourishing the yin and aphrodisiac, for y impotence and lumbar weakness also has a very good effect, is a very good aphrodisiac food in Chinese medicine, want to improve the ability can be appropriate to eat.

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