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Men’s excessive “hands” is very harmful to the body, how many times a week is better? Give you the reference frequency

The core tip: appropriate “self-soothing” is good for your health, whether it is a male or female masturbation is a normal physiological phenomenon, but of course must be within the appropriate range.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not only a lubricant for the couple’s relationship, but also in line with the body’s physiological environment, and in the absence of a partner, you can solve the problem yourself.

It is normal for men to do it by themselves

It is normal for men to do things on their own in moderation, and it is also extremely beneficial to their bodies. The reason for this is that when a man is “released”, he can flush out the toxins that have accumulated in his urethra; secondly, proper masturbation can also relax the prostate gland, when a man is sexually excited, the prostate gland and seminal vesicles are in a highly congested stage. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get the best out of your own home.

The right amount of “self-soothing” can help increase hardness, as muscle strength deteriorates with age and can cause serious dysfunction, while regular “hands-on” without a partner can prevent ED and urinary incontinence and increase hardness; appropriate “self-soothing” can increase endorphin levels, a happy hormone that can raise cortisol levels, help improve the immune system and relieve depression.

Too much is not enough: what are the dangers of too much frequency?

Although there are many benefits to moderate “self-soothing”, it is easy to cause health damage if the frequency is too high.

The most direct manifestation of excessive masturbation is the discomfort of the organs, localized pain, numbness and even some discomfort in urination and burning of the urethra.

The number of times the sexual stimulation increases, the sexual stimulation becomes more and more sluggish, and if you masturbate too much the time it takes to reach orgasm will become longer and longer.

It can be seen that moderate hands do not cause harm to health, this is a normal physiological behavior, but if too often will affect the health of the body, will hurt the genitourinary system diseases and sexual neurasthenia, etc., for a long time it is easy to cause dysfunction to occur, so the frequency of hands recommended to maintain at about 2-3 times a week.

Women will also “self-soothing”?

In fact, “self-soothing” not only exists in men, women also have. 2010 Indiana University study showed that 64% of women in the 20-24 age group have masturbation, for women in the 40-49 age group occupies 65%, basically in a state of parity.

In general, women masturbate much less than men, and women have a great relationship with the psychological pressure to do it, in fact, to enjoy sexual pleasure is a normal need, in the lack of sexual partners when masturbation is also a normal behavior, have a positive impact on life.

The appropriate “self-soothing” beneficial health, whether male or female, hands are a normal physiological phenomenon, of course, must be within the appropriate range.

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