About the woman’s body, there are thin and fat, men also have their own good, but most men like which parts of the woman? This is also a bit according to the oh.

1, flat, strong belly

The abdomen is one of the sexy parts of a woman. A small belly bulge of women, no matter how exquisite looks, it is difficult to hold the opposite sex gaze. Flat, soft and strong abdomen, is to stimulate the excitement of men’s desire.

2, wide hips

Men have an inverted triangle body, is seen as healthy, strong, is the best embodiment of manhood. And for women, it should have wide hips and a slim waist.

3、Long legs

Having a pair of long and slender legs is every woman’s dream. Sexy legs can always capture the opposite sex at the first time.

4、Streamlined back

Soft curves can show the unique beauty of women, while geometric and angular represent male beauty. The upper part of a woman’s back is narrower than a man’s, and the lower part is wider. A curved back can make the hips outward and the chest forward. In a perfume ad, movie star Nicole Kidman wore an evening gown, with a white, exquisite back to show people, a thousand styles to see.

5, slender neck

Men’s necks are shorter and thicker than women’s, in order to protect themselves when hunting or fighting. Women’s slender, tapered neck, it becomes a clear feature of the differences between the sexes. Many painters like to slender neck, to highlight the beauty of women. When kissing, men also love to linger in the woman’s neck.

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