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hrodisiac kidney is a topic of concern for many male friends, kidney Yang strong in order to make men energetic, improve health, but also to make married life more harmonious. So what do men eat aphrodisiacs?

Try these 4 aphrodisiac foods to strengthen the kidneys

  1. men aphrodisiac eat more loach

  Loach contains a lot of high-quality protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B1, niacin, as well as iron, phosphorus, calcium and other trace elements required by the human body. Loach is sweet, flat, and has the effect of nourishing the middle and nourishing the kidneys and generating essence. It has a good effect on enhancing sexual function. Loach also contains a new type of protein, which helps to enhance sperm vitality. Adult men often eat loach can nourish and strengthen the body.

  2. men aphrodisiac eat more donkey meat

  The popular saying is that dragon meat in the sky, donkey meat on the ground, the deliciousness of donkey meat in the folklore is widely spread. Donkey meat is sweet and cool in nature, and has the effect of nourishing the blood, nourishing the yin and strengthening the yang. Donkey kidney is also beneficial to the kidneys, strengthens the yang, and strengthens the muscles and bones. It is a very good conditioner for impotence and weakness of the waist and knees.

  3. men aphrodisiac eat more oysters

  Oysters are rich in zinc, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other trace elements, as well as a large amount of high-quality protein, sugar and other nutrients. Oysters are salty and slightly cold, and have the effect of nourishing Yin and Yang, tonifying the kidneys and regulating the essence. Men often eat oysters can improve sperm quality, to enhance sexual function is also helpful. Oysters on spermatorrhea, kidney deficiency impotence, etc. have a better conditioning effect.

  4. men aphrodisiac eat more quail

  Quail is not only delicious, and nutritious, quail meat is rich in inorganic salts, lecithin, and amino acids required by the human body, quail eggs are also very good aphrodisiac tonic. Chinese medicine believes that quail meat has the effect of tonifying the five organs, benefiting the essence and blood, and warming the kidney and Yang. Men can eat quail to strengthen their muscles and bones and improve their sexual performance.

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