We know that coffee can refresh the brain? But did you know that drinking this coffee can also “aphrodisiac, beauty, improve memory”? Some time ago, a drugstore billboard labeled this coffee has aphrodisiac, beauty, improve memory and other five effects, in fact, this coffee violates the “Food Safety Law” and is not clearly marked on the product packaging production date, product ingredients.

The scary thing is that after inspection it was found that the coffee contained tadalafil, commonly known as the “new Viagra”. Tadalafil is a chemical drug that is used to treat male sexual dysfunction. Tadalafil is a prescription drug and there are many contraindications to its use. Consumers who consume this coffee unknowingly can damage their bodies, or even endanger their lives.

Chinese people are particularly fond of the concept of aphrodisiac and many foods are circulating among the folk who can aphrodisiac foods, but the truth is not what they think.

These foods are actually not aphrodisiacs

Various animal whips

It is a long-standing rumor that the shape complements the form. The IQ is not good, eat some brains to make up for it. The liver does not work, eat some liver to make up for it. The house does not work, eat some whips to make up for it.

In fact, the shape to complement the shape is very far-fetched, there is no scientific basis. Animal whips may be a little more androgenic than other organs, but eating animal whips does not replenish androgens. Eating animal whips for aphrodisiacs can only have a placebo effect at best.


It is often said that oysters are a man’s gas station. It is believed that oysters are rich in the mineral zinc, which is good for sperm production. Zinc is indeed great for gonadal health, but it does not improve male sexual performance. As of today, there is still no evidence to prove that increasing zinc intake improves male sexual performance.

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