Will prostatitis affect sexual performance?

Theoretically, inflammatory stimulation will affect the ejaculation function of men, and it is likely to cause ejaculation disorders. It is very likely that men will ejaculate too quickly due to inflammation, but this is based on more severe inflammation.

Generally mild prostatitis will not affect the sexual function of men, but if it is not treated in time and allowed to develop, it will still have a significant impact on sexual function, and some will have impotence due to inflammation. , Premature ejaculation, and even lead to infertility.

How can we prevent prostatitis in our lives?

  1. Drink plenty of water.

Drinking plenty of water every day can effectively help men prevent prostatitis, and it can also have a good therapeutic effect for people who already suffer from prostatitis. The prostatic fluid produced by the prostate will be discharged to the urethra. If you do not drink water often, it will cause too little urine output. The longer the prostatic fluid stays in the prostate, the more likely it is to cause prostatitis. Therefore, you should drink more water in your daily life. Drink more water to urinate more, which can discharge the prostatic fluid to prevent the occurrence of prostatitis.

  1. Avoid sedentary sitting.

Sitting for a long time will bring pressure to the male scrotum, and sitting for a long time will make the blood circulation in the lower body of the male poor. As a result, the prostate will also be affected, which can easily cause blockage of the prostate glands and induce prostatitis. Office workers should make themselves more active in their lives, get up and walk around after a period of time, and don’t keep a posture all the time. This is very good for preventing prostatitis.

  1. Avoid holding back urine.

Many men often hold back their urine due to force majeure in their daily lives, and they are men who are long-distance drivers by profession. It is often necessary to hold back the urine in daily life, which can easily induce prostatitis. For people in this type of occupation, it is very effective to prevent prostatitis by preventing yourself from holding back your urine.

  1. Ensure the hygiene of the private parts.

The prostate area is easy to hide some dirt, and the ventilation is also relatively poor. So in life, you must clean your private parts in time to avoid bacterial infections. Especially the scrotum area, pay special attention to cleaning, and the inside of the foreskin should also be cleaned in place to avoid smegma.

  1. Reasonably control that aspect of life.

During sex, men’s prostate is in a state of congestion. As a result, the prostate will increase. Too frequent sex will make the male prostate unable to get enough rest, which can easily cause inflammation. But be careful not to have long-term abstinence. Abstinence can lead to passive congestion of the prostate and chronic prostatitis. It is best to maintain an appropriate amount of sex daily.

The above has introduced the relevant content of prostatitis for everyone. Finally, I want to tell you that prostatitis is not a big problem. Male friends don’t need to panic too much.

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